I make software, I make music, I drink beer. But I'm not very good at keeping a website up to date. This might change at some point but only if I've not got something more interesting to do.

So until such time, here's some stuff to be going on with.


I write software in a variety of different programming languages. I have a number of Perl 5 modules on CPAN and have started contributing to the Perl 6 ecosystem. Nearly all of the open source work can be found on GitHub, feel free to fork, send patches or use for your own purposes. I also have a blog about programming matters that interest me.


I make electronic music which I would describe as "Noise With Beats In" as Rabid Gravy. You can hear most of the stuff I have recorded at Soundcloud. There's also an obligatory Facebook page of course.

Old Stuff

I used to have another web site which had, among other things, a few Perl 5 examples that people used to find useful, I retrieved the bulk of that which can be found here, though I can't guaranteed any of it will still work.

Social Media

Like nearly everyone else in the twenty first century I have a Twitter account, where I may occasionally burble about anything that I think about.


I am a contract software developer and system architect and may be open to discussing interesting openings, the easiest way to contact me about work is via LinkedIn, of course if you already know how to contact me in other ways then feel free...


In the old days I might have just put my e-mail address here, then when the spam got too bad I might have slightly obfuscated it or put a "contact form" instead until the spammers developed better automata. Nowadays nearly everything has some kind of social or messaging feature, so I've probably already suggested half a dozen ways that I can be contacted for the time-being.