Dir2HTML is a utility to produce an HTML index file for an entire directory structure. It has the facility to rewrite the filesystem path to reflect a servers directory setup. If a named file is present in a visited directory the details from this file are used to title the directory. Where it is present the META tag ``Description'' is used to provide some descriptive text for each file.

The usage is as follows:

dir2html [-d <DIR>] [-o <OUTFILE>] [-t <TITLE>] [-h <HEADING>] [-i <INDEXFILE>] [-r <ROOTDIR>]

There is a configuration file dir2html.ini :

#  Default INI file for dir2html

dirtitle=Directory listing of  

This file controls the behaviour of the script.  The reading of the configuration is done through IniConf module which is available from CPAN , you will obviously need that in order to use this script as well as the module HTML::HeadParser which is available from the same place.

Right now the POD is far from complete.  If you have a lot of files in your directory tree you will end up with an attendantly large file but that is something that should be fixed by creating a separate file for each directory - coming real soon now!

You never know.  Download dir2html.pl

Last Update 03/11/2001