HTBeauty performs some basic reformatting on the content of an HTML file.  The eventual hope is that it will also perform some other global transformations on the file (such as fonts,styles,colours etc).  The "beautification" at presents consists of making the tags and attribute key words upper case and applying some indentation.  The indentation at the moment is not necessarily great due to some confusion between various HTML code generators as to which tags have ending tags (particularly the list item <LI>)  but this is the first thing that will be fixed at a later date.

Technically the script uses the HTML::Parser module and this is partially the motivation behind its inception - to discover how to use this module.  Obviously you will have to have that module installed for this to work:  you can get HTML::Parser from CPAN .

There is some POD in the script which can be got at in your favourite manner but frankly at the moment it is pretty redundant as you just use it like this: somehtml.html >newhtml.htm

Actually that is another fairly high priority thing sort out the output options but there you go.

Go ahead break your web site download HTBeauty !

Last Update 03/11/2001